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Are You EARNING What You’re Worth?
Would You Like To Be Paid Top Dollar For Your Wisdom And Expertise?
Want To Learn Secrets Top Pros Use To Build Wealth?

Mastering Sales and Influence are Keys to Creating Success

In private practice, knowing how to “close” and influence fills the schedule.

Knowing how to sell is more than being a sale person, it is influencing anyone and anywhere to listen and respond

Hypnotic methods of sales are the heart of success.

Tim Shurr has 5 videos and a magnificent 43 page eBook focused on giving you the skills you need to create a thriving practice, or to help you in any business, or even to sales-mastery-labels-3Dhelp you master personal influence in any situation.

Are you struggling to earn what you’re really worth? Ever get frustrated because you know you should be making more money instead of just scraping by at the end of the month? How could you have so much wisdom, talent, or desire to help others, and still not experience the ABUNDANCE that people talk about?

Each video is short and concise, focusing on key techniques in each of these five areas:

  • Eye Contact and Smiling
  • Bringing Energy
  • Eliciting Core Values
  • The Driving Force
  • Reading People

(Run time 18 minutes, 43 page PDF eBook developing the key components at a deeper level)

From the office of Tim Shurr:

Thousands of talented, caring entrepreneurs and business professionals continue to financially struggle, living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Because having passion and the desire to help others is simply not enough to build financial stability! You also need strong business skills and sales tools if you want to survive and thrive in our fast paced, ever-changing economy.

When I started out, my goal was to make the world a better place. Then I discovered three words that knocked me over. “Bills, taxes, overhead!” Yes, I wanted to serve others, yet I also need to pay my rent and eat. As I got older, I also had the responsibility of financially supporting others as well. I needed a better way to grow my business, but I didn’t want to take high-pressure sales courses that taught how to be a pushy salesman.

timshurr4Thus, I began investigating how people I admired had successfully grown their businesses. Why reinvent the wheel, right? I wanted the best strategies in the fastest amount of time because I wasn’t getting any younger and I needed to start earning serious cash now!

What I learned surprised me! These people were the exact opposite of high-pressured, “used car salesmen.” They weren’t using slick, manipulative techniques to make customers buy their stuff. Nor were they being viewed as aggressive. Instead, they shared a common set of beliefs about money, selling, and their customers that I had not heard before. They also had very specific systems for connecting with others, moving through the sales process, creating staggeringly high close rates, and converting customers into friends!

As I investigated this further, I realized these top earning professionals had uncovered a system for “selling through serving” that 80% of business people still aren’t using! They mastered persuasion strategies that created WIN-WIN situations. I used to think persuasion meant manipulating someone, but it doesn’t. Manipulation means you are out for your own interests. Persuasion means discovering what others really want and providing it to them through your goods/services in a way that creates success for them and you!

Why isn’t everyone using these insights? Well, the biggest reason is they are unaware these strategies exist. The sad fact is most sales people are not taking the time to educate themselves. They rely on their outgoing personality or the brand they sell. Instead of training yourself on a powerful, proven system for converting prospects into high-value customers, most just keep winging it.

The second reason is EGO. Instead of admitting they could use some help, people let their pride or insecurity get in the way. Many years ago, I heard a 7-figure network marketing earner say something that has stuck with me ever since. “Check your Ego with your bank account!” That really stung at the time. My Ego wanted me to think that I already knew all this stuff so I really didn’t need it. Then another bill would show up, reminding me that maybe I did.

timshurr2Then I heard guys like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, two very successful business people that I admired, share how they continue taking classes on personal development, sales, and business, because if they just learned one new idea, it was worth the investment. If those guys remained life-long learners even with all their success, I’d commit to doing the same! I believe in doing what works, and now that I’m on the other side of ABUNDANCE, I can tell you they were right!

Several years ago, people started asking me for advice on how to build a successful business. It was one of those strange circle-of-life moments. That’s when I decided to write down all those amazing insights and strategies I had learned from some of the most successful people in the world. Yet, by that time, I had developed some of my own powerful tools that allowed me to become a top earner in my profession.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn…  

  • How to take the best of “old school” selling and combine it with today’s more modern “relationship-based” approaches.
  • A series of step-by-step processes for quickly connecting with any personality type, establishing trust, identifying wants/needs/values/desires, and igniting your close rate!
  • Active listening and interviewing strategies that help you consistently STAND OUT from the competition.
  • Use hypnotic language patterns and subconscious persuasion techniques to increase your business relationships, strategic partners, social media campaigns, website copy, and everything else that helps you become ABUNDANT!

This course offers you secrets to building wealth through serving others! Regardless of your profession, those who know how to sell and influence people always rise to the top! You will learn how to apply the skills associated with each step of the sales cycle immediately so you can increase sales right away!

You will develop the attitude and habits of the world’s most successful sales professionals so you can join them! Feel confident in front of new customers and know how to make people want to do business with you! Dozens of persuasion techniques for powerfully influencing anyone are included and the material is delivered in a fun, empowering way!

Through this online  course (video and PDF) you will be introduced to Tim Shurrs sucess methods