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Hypnotic Pain Control – The Lightswitch Technique

There is perhaps, one hypnotic technique that has the ability to transform lives in am amazing way.  That technique is The Lightswitch Technique.  Not only is it a versatile demonstration of hypnotic phenomena, but by practicing this is either self-hypnosis or teaching it to others, you are giving people a real tool for controlling real [...]

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Jason Linett Demonstration of Hypnotic Phenomena

Jason Linett does a powerful demonstration with a client named Brad in this video. Do you know how to hypnotize with conviction? Jason has many other hours of training that will teach you skills that can transform you effectiveness. Do you want to see them now? Just click here for instant access. Get the full [...]

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How To Sell Your Products on

We are happy that you have an interest in selling your products on and making the available to a wider audience. We are happy to sell: Books MP3 Files PDF Resources Video training and course And other downloadable media relating to hypnosis, NLP and coaching We tend to prefer multi-packaged materials.  In other words, not [...]

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Hypnosis and Addiction Treatment (Scott Sandland and Richard Nongard)

In 2011 Scott Sandland and Richard Nongard shared with the Dallas Hypnosis Convention, so tools for addiction treatment and hypnosis. This year, you can join Richard and Scott and the IMDHA convention in Florida and learn even more.

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