Becoming Slender for Life Resource Library
Complete eBook, three powerful MP3 hypnosis sessions and a free bonus download of “Orange Blossom”
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Roger-Moores-Counseling-Hypnotherapy-LLCRoger Moore has perhaps worked with more people, over more years, focusing on weight control than many other therapists. Roger became an expert by losing more than 120 pounds himself, and keeping that weight off and then studying what really works to keep it off.

His book Becoming Slender for Life has become a resource for hypnotic weight loss and his MP3’s have helped thousands of people.

Do you want to apply Rogers ideas to your own life? Or learn from his book and MP3’s the methods that you can use to help others?

Oh, the bonus offering, an MP3 called “Orange Blossom” is right here on this page, you can get it by simply scrolling to the bottom of this page, just keep reading to the bottom of this page!

But wouldn’t it be awesome to have full access to the eBook which has helped thousands of people? And to have a comprehensive resource you can really use?  It is practical, helpful and a slenderforlifetremendous guide book.  When you purchase this resource library you will get four things, for a limited time, at more than half off:

  • The complete eBook Becoming Slender for Life (282 real pages)
  • 30 minute Weight Control hypnosis session
  • 30 minute Control Room hypnosis session
  • 30 minute Bridge of Empowerment hypnosis session


Real reviewers of his book have said:

“This is an extremely good method on permanent weight loss.” and “I had heard that hypnosis created fast weight loss, but it never occurred to me that I could do it myself. This book told me how. In six months I have lost 50 pounds, and it was easy. Very impressed with this book!”

Are you ready to apply these ideas in your own life or with your clients?

Orange Blossom Free MP3 Download

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