The Teaching Demo Videos

“Wow! These videos were fantastic! So often you hear about coaching, but never see the how-to demonstrations. Melissa Tiers does an outstanding job, and I have a new vantage point on coaching, trance and hypnosis now.”  – Richard Nongard

tiers_melissa017_175px“Coaching the Unconscious Mind: The Teaching Demos” is an exciting new series that shows Melissa Tiers in action.

 You get an inside look into her dynamic form of change work as she describes what she’s doing and why.  You can create success, by adapting these same techniques to your work with others!  Or better yet, apply these strategies in your own life and experience personal transformation.

Each demo shows you different ways of integrating various techniques and processes in a conversational coaching model that speaks directly to the unconscious mind. There are almost 5 and a half hours of demonstrations in this set!

Elsewhere, access to these trainings would cost $159 to access.   Today at TheHypnoStore you can get instant and full access for $89.

This is how Melissa teaches utilization and flexibility. By allowing herself to not know what issues someone is bringing to the demo she shows you how to be present to the language, non verbal communication and the playful nature of therapeutic interaction.

You get full access to these eight streaming videos (20-60 minutes for each demonstration) all in an easy to access format that you can view online or download on MP4 format.


Volume 1- Emotional Change: Getting Through Divorce

This demo shows how to utilize metaphors, embedded commands and non verbal communication to neutralize unwanted triggers and create new emotional responses. She covers every step of the meta pattern of change, explicitly so you can track the reconditioning.


Volume 2 – Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

This demo shows you how to utilize reimprinting in a coaching form. You learn how to use spatial and temporal language to shift internal representations as well as work within the client’s time line construction. 


Volume 3 – Changing Relationship to Money

This demo includes the visual squash for parts integration as well as ways of creating belief system congruency.  Melissa shows the tiersimportance of understanding unconscious biases and cognitive filters and how to use relational awareness and metaphors to shift them.


Volume 4 – Overcoming Insecurities and Procrastination

In this demo, Melissa uses many different strategies to work within and shift the client’s internal representations.  You will see her use laughter, contrastive and comparative analysis to influence beliefs, shift perceptual positions and neutralize triggers.  This demo is as funny as it is educational.


Volume 5 -Integrative Sleep Protocol

This is a demonstration of the sleep protocol that has helped countless people overcome sleep problems of all kinds. Integrating techniques gleaned from hypnosis, NLP, cognitive, behavioral, and energy psychology this system can be adapted and tailored to fit the individual.


Volume 6 – Creative Integration

In this demo Melissa helps someone to access their creative flow by using dissociation and artful presuppositions.  She discusses why counter emotional examples stop unconscious automaticity and how to reorganize issues into a more workable frame.


Volume 7 – Dispelling Old Phantoms

In this demo, Melissa helps a client to clear some fears by utilizing an integration of reimprinting, heart coherence, trance and reconsolidation of emotional memory.  She reinforces the work with process instruction for sleep integration and discusses the importance of spontaneity and the art of play.


Volume 8 – Shifting Perspectives and Beliefs

This demo shows how easy it can be to reframe problems through examples, metaphors, kinesthetic manipulations and denominalization.