Do you know the five phases of hypnotic regression?

royhunterWould you like to learn regression from Roy Hunter, who is one of the worlds leading experts on hypnotic regression?

Imagine owning a resource that lets you see complete sessions, and hear comprehensive explanation.

That is what this online video series is – a resource that lets you learn regression hypnotism – but on your own schedule 24/7.

The best part?  Attending this seminar won’t cost you $497 like the original attendees paid, you can have the exact same content they got for only $97 if you are one of the first 100 to register on

These are the edited video files of “The Five Phases of Regression Therapy” (the 2-day workshop version).

There are 9 hours of content in 21 videos!

…And a PDF printable 38 page workbook

This workshop was presented in front of a live audience at Costa Mesa, California, in June of 2011. Note that a PDF version of the participant workbook is included (Regression workbook v2012). Although it is copyrighted, you may print a copy for your own use as you watch the video files. The video files are titled in the order presented, beginning with “01” through “21” and followed by a title of the primary topic presented. They are in mp4 format, compatible for viewing on both PC and Apple computers (desktop and laptop), and appear in the folder marked “Regression mp4 files.”

  • Intro.mp4
  • Background 4 Objectives.mp4
  • Ideomotor Responses.mp4
  • Ideomotor Part B.mp4
  • False Memories.mp4
  • Practice Exercise.mp4
  • Phase 1 Steps 1 and 2.mp4
  • Phase 1 steps 3 to 6.mp4
  • Phase 2 ISE and AE.mp4
  • Phase 2 Techniques.mp4
  • Phase 3.mp4
  • Wrap up Day One.mp4
  • Phase 4.mp4
  • Phase 5.mp4
  • Group Role Play.mp4
  • Session.mp4
  • Discussion of Session.mp4
  • Unresolved Past Grief.mp4
  • Past Life Regression Part 1.mp4
  • Past Life Regression Part 2.mp4
  • Conclusion.mp4

You may download the videos  if you have a slow internet connection or issues viewing. Downloading is only recommended for offline viewing, you will have unlimited access to the streaming videos