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cerbone bookWelcome to the next generation of clinical hypnosis. This represents years of my work in the field of clinical hypnosis. As a trained Hypnotic Professional, you will quickly come to understand my utilization of a wide variety of hypnotic techniques, as well as a redefinition of ideas and insights, the use of truisms and confusion method techniques within these Insights and Suggestions to further enhance beneficial effects within the hypnotic state while the client (patient) is hypnotized to increase impact and long-term effectiveness.

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This book help you become an expert, by learning what really works, even when it is counter-intuitive. 

These suggestion techniques are written in the style and language of this profession, including run-on sentences, which is the way most true Hypnosis professionals deliver suggestions for greatest impact.

Meet Master Clinical, Street and Stage Hypnotist John Cerbone “The Trance-Master™”. With decades of World Class Experience, John Cerbone is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Fellow, Diplomate, holding dozens of Hypnosis Certifications and the Inventor and Developer of Speed-Trance Hypnosis.

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