We are happy that you have an interest in selling your products on HypnoThoughtsStore.com and making the available to a wider audience. We are happy to sell:

  • Books
  • MP3 Files
  • PDF Resources
  • Video training and course
  • And other downloadable media relating to hypnosis, NLP and coaching
  • We tend to prefer multi-packaged materials.  In other words, not a single MP3, but a topical group of resources.  For example, a library of several books sold together. Or a series of self-hypnosis MP3’s in a related group.

We do have stringent requirements for products, but we also have a real opportunity for you. We have a large customer base and an active promotional program in place for success. You will be able to reach customers outside of your normal circles of business and like sellers on Amazon, you should be able to greatly expand your customer base.

Here is what you need to know before you decide to offer your products on our webpage:

  1. If you decide to offer your products on our webpage, you still retain full control over the ability to also sell on your own webpage or other webpages.
  2. The price you sell on the HypnoThoughtsStore must be at or lower than the price you sell the materials for on your own or other webpages.
  3. We do not offer any products that are not entirely digital delivery online products. We do not ship products, books, DVD’s or any other physical products.
  4. We do not promote conference registration, live training sessions or other “in person” sessions.
  5. We have quality standards, and your sound, lighting and printed (.pdf) materials must reflect professionalism. If you have audio, video or other quality issues, we cannot list your items in the store. We understand hypnosis is a niche market and professional production may not be present, but we reserve the right to reject any product that cannot meet minimum standards for production. If you have older courses or materials that have been transferred to a digital format, it is likely the quality will not meet our standards and we recommend re-recording these items.
  6. You can offer your product in an for on any other website you choose.  However, when you agree to list your product on our page, you will provide us with all copies of your materials and we will host delivery of your product to our customers on our webpage.
  7. We pay 60% to any creator on the 15th of the month for sales made in the preceding month. We only pay monthly, we do not make advances, and the cost of any returns/refunds in the previous month will be deducted from any payments made.
  8. You must accurately represent your credentials and training in any product you offer, academic degrees listed in your products must be from accredited schools only. Accreditation means accredited by the foreign government of the country where a degree was issued, or in the USA, by an accrediting agency recognized by both the US Department of Education and CHEA.
  9. Content with false, misleading, inaccurate or purely speculative methods of hypnosis presented as fact, will not be listed in our store.
  10. Acceptance is not automatic. It will be reviewed by our staff and you will be notified of any issues.
  11. You may remove from sale, any product at any time which you have previously made available through our webpage. Just notify us and we will remove it from our catalog.
  12. You may place your contact info or even ask your customers to provide you with their contact information in your products. We will however, not provide you with names or emails of those who purchase your products on our webpage. We will provide you with an accurate accounting on the 15th of each month of how many downloads have been sold.
  13. We reserve the right to reject to sell any items, courses or products that wo choose not to make available on our network for any reason. You of course, have the ability to sell on any other network any product at any time.

If you have decided you would like us to offer your product in our store, you must submit a complete copy of the PDF files, MP4 Files, MP3 files or other files to us. You may do this by providing us access to the resources on your own webpage, you may FTP the files to us, or in the case of smaller files you can email them.  If you need FTP access to send us files, please ask and we willcreate them for you.

How to submit:

The best way is to send us access to the full product on your current webpage or through another provider. We will review that materials.

If you cannot do that, email us the products to thehypnostore@gmail.com

If they are too large, use a service like Hightail to send large files.

We encourage the use of Vimeo for uploading video files.